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Advanced and new injection techniques allow us to achieve enhanced cheekbones, jawline, chin, non-surgical nose contour and non-surgical facial slimming.

Dr. Jack Antonio uses dermal fillers such as JUVEDERM VOLUMA, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA, RADIESSE, PLURYAL VOLUME and TEOXAN RHA 4 to enhance natural, youthful facial contours. Botox/ Dysport can be used to slim the face, reduce jowls and outline the width of the face.

Dermal fillers can be safely injected into key areas of the face with advanced injection techniques and non-surgical facial contouring. In this case, Dr. Jack used three dermal fillers in areas such as the lower face, jaw, cheekbones and nose were also shaped. There is a significant loss of facial bone volume with age.

Bone resorption leads to biometric volume losses. Bone widening results in the flattening of bony prominences of a young face, such as cheekbones and a well-defined jawline. Without the structural support of bone, there are noticeable changes in other layers of soft tissue and skin.

The key to desired and aesthetically pleasing results is to aim to “soften” the signs of aging while maintaining the natural shape of the face. 100% correction of every single fold and wrinkle results in an “overrated” look and takes away from your natural facial beauty.

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