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Dr. Jack Antoniou and Dr. Kassini were part of the TRAINING OF TRAINERS at the Pluryal Academy in Paris with some of the most famous trainers in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery in the world.

The research agenda focused on the following three subjects:

  • Pluryal ELIXIR, the most innovative technology combining Pluryal Booster with Pluryal mesoline to enrich HA with powerful sterile serums with specific action: vitalizing, tightening, antioxidant, whitening or clearing according to the patient’s skin needs.
  • LIP technique, which product is injected, where and why it is based on several criteria.
    Anatomy of the lips, age, patient and expected result.
  • Face contouring
    • definition of Russian Jawlines
    • degradation of fat in the lower third of the face.

Dr. Jack and Dr. Kassini will be ready to train and demonstrate innovative injection technologies for fillers and doctors in Bulgaria, and of course with the new PLURYAL products.

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