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We at Bellissimo clinic take care of the health and beauty of our patients even in the smallest details, for this reason today I will introduce you to a seemingly small problem that sometimes greatly worries our patients – viral warts.

Common warts (Verrucae vulgares)

Warts are benign viral papillomas, characterized by the growth of skin layers, with an uneven and rough surface. Viral warts are usually the most common human papilloma virus infections and have been around since ancient times. They affect both sexes, at any age and are spread all over the world. They are caused by human papilloma viruses (HPV) types 1-4, 26-29, 38, 41, etc.

Clinically, they can be single or multiple, and can be located in different parts of the body:
– on hands, palms, feet (chicken thorn)
– under the nail plate
– face, eyelids
– on the neck and neck
– on the mucous membrane of the mouth and back in the language

Flat warts (Verrucae planae)

They are caused by HPV type 3. They occur more often in young people and children, they quickly spread to the face, neck and limbs. They are flat, round or oval in shape, slightly raised, with a smooth surface. Their color is pale brownish, pale pink or yellowish. Rarely, self-healing may occur after months or years, and more often their number increases progressively.

A prerequisite for their development is a decline in the immune system, trauma, contact with people with warts who have not applied treatment. When warts appear, a visit to a dermatologist is important, as they are of viral origin and we become contagious, both to our healthy skin and to the people who have contact with us (family, friends) when using public bathrooms. sanitary ware and sockets.

Treatment of common and flat warts:

– laser removal
– nitrogen treatment
– ​​trichloroacetic acid application

Acute condylomata (Condylomata acuminate)

They represent an infection caused most often by HPV types 6 and 11, less often 16, 18, 42, appearing mainly in adulthood, on the mucous membrane of the genital organs and sometimes in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Predisposing factors are inflammatory processes in the genital area, sexual contact, etc.


– laser removal
– treatment with trichloroacetic acid

Let’s pay more attention to laser wart removal, as a newer and time-proven treatment method with its advantages:

– the procedure is painless, as it is performed after applying local anesthesia
– the integrity of the skin is restored quickly
– after the procedure, no special care and sanitary measures are required, which allows us to immediately return to our normal daily life
– achieving a faster end result
– fewer visits to the doctor
– the method is gentle and leaves no scars
– can be done all year round

The only condition is to visit your Dermatologist for an examination and smile with skin without imperfections.

Dr. Gabriela Grigorova

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