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Over time the face loses volume, forms wrinkles, and the skin begins to lose unevenly. The doctor must have “double vision”: first, to see the areas in which there is a loss of volume and to show this loss to the patient, and second, to visualize what will be achieved with the proposed procedure. Reduced volume and loosened skin change the overall expressiveness of the face and give it a tired and sad look. The correct assessment of the condition of the facial structures and their deformation is extremely important to achieve precise aesthetic modeling and correction of the signs of aging. Years ago, the only solution was surgical lifting, but today, thanks to high-quality and safe dermal fillers, it is possible to reshape the facial oval, fill deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds, to give volume in areas where it is necessary to model the chin, to correct the line of the lower jaw and to restore the symmetry of the face. Of course, complete facial remodeling cannot be done with just one dermal product but with a range of suitable hyaluronic fillers.

Facial modeling is an injective procedure. For this purpose, you can contour the jawline, put a filler in the cheekbones to make them more defined, and put a filler in the chin. The doctor determines the points of injection of the filler considering the anatomical features of the patient’s face. The procedure starts from the upper and middle part of the face. After achieving volume and balance in these areas, the specialist treats the face’s lower part. The procedure itself lasts 30 minutes. Local anesthesia provides comfort, especially for patients who are more sensitive to pain. The result is visible immediately after the procedure. Redness, slight swelling, bruising, or hypersensitivity may occur in the injected area (within a few hours to 2- 3 days). The filler settles down evenly, and the result is visible right after.

Before the intervention itself, you should go through a consultation with a specialist to specify the results that will be perfect for you and your face shape. The doctor will answer all of your questions and discuss the procedure.




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