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Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that stimulates the natural absorption of hyaluronic acid.It can be injected immediately after an accident with blood vessels during injecting a filler or it can be injected months, even years later if it is necessary.

The hyaluronidase is used in case of:

  • overcorrection with a filler in a particular area
  • an asymmetry in the lips
  • uneven surface or little balls
  • in case the material can be seen because it is injected too superficially
  • if the patient wants
  • if there is some problem while injecting the filler, for example, clogging a blood vessel
  • in case of painful and inflamed balls in the lips

The reasons for all mentioned above could be different.

The main of all is an inappropriate product choice for a particular area, for example, a thick product injected superficially. The wrong technique of injecting is also a reason. Not knowing the anatomy and not keeping the fillers in the right way could also lead to the use of hyaluronidase. The results of injecting hyaluronidase are obvious hours after the procedure, and the filler will be dissolved in 24-48hours up to 10 days. The number of sessions necessary depend s on the amount of the filler that needs to be dissolved or the problem causing the use of hyaluronidase.The enzyme could be injected several times using a small amount of it aiming to dissolve only the unnecessary part of the filler and the other part of the filler to be kept. The other case is to be injected a big amount that will dissolve the whole filler.

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