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Short-term eyelash curling, or the so-called eyelash lamination, is an effective and harmless procedure for human eyelashes.

Without requiring additional maintenance, this therapy
makes your eyelashes curl for 2 to 4 months. No liquids or adhesives remain after the procedure, and the eyes can be washed immediately after it.

Lamination is a coating of the cilia of the eyelashes with special products in a strict sequence. Each product has its specific task.

  1. The procedure gives the eyelashes a beautifully curved shape, even if the eyelashes are straight. Each eyelash
    will become smoother and shinier. In addition, they will receive a protective coating that will prevent the negative effects of external factors.
  2. The eyelashes will become thicker, stronger, more elastic, because among the components of the laminating ingredients there are many substances necessary for the health of the eyelashes: vitamins, amino acids, various oils, plant extracts, peptides, etc.
  3. Lamination allows for increasing the volume of the eyelashes by thickening each lash.
  4. If a pigment is also used in the lamination, the color lasts much longer than after ordinary dyeing because the keratin protective ingredients do not allow the pigment of the paint to wash off and fade.

The procedure is safe and gives a great and visible effect on your eyelashes.

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