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What are the benefits?

Diamond Glow mesotherapy is a great way to give our skin purity and radiance before an important event or to maintain its health at a maximum level.

It won’t help to deal with serious sun damage or deep wrinkles, but it is an easy, effective and relatively painless and safe method of treating any skin type. After it, the skin glows instantly. And who doesn’t want that!?!

This type of mesotherapy is the perfect solution for painless treatment of sensitive areas, such as those around the lips, around the eyes, forehead, neck, palms, décolletage.

What is this type of mesotherapy?

This is a procedure in which small needles, by pressing them on the skin, create channels on the skin’s surface, which helps the products to be introduced into the skin.

How does it work?

The device that causes the injections contains a small container filled with a unique cocktail with Botox/ Dysport, fillers, and vitamins. Short needles are hidden under the cap, and they introduce the substances into the skin through movements similar to putting on a stamp. The cocktail penetrates the skin through tiny droplets when the needles are pressed against the skin.

What is an intradermal cocktail?

A special recipe of components makes up this possible anti-aging combination. Usually, these are botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin complex, and plasma/PRP/. The components can be combined differently, depending on the patient’s state of health and possible allergies.

When injected superficially into the muscle, Botulinum toxin tightens pores and smooths skin texture.

Hyaluronic acid is diluted and plumps the skin by attracting and retaining hydration without the risk of lumps.

The vitamin complex combines antioxidants and brightening components to give an instant glow.
The whole procedure takes 10 minutes.

What results to expect and how long does the effect last?

Immediately after the procedure, the skin may be slightly red, but after an hour, it looks brighter, thanks to the vitamins and hyaluronic acid. The benefits of the botulinum toxin /described above/ and the stimulation of collagen production by “imprinting” /pressing the needles into the skin/ are observed days to weeks later.

The result of the procedure lasts for several weeks. It should be repeated regularly or combined with other procedures for longer-lasting results.

This treatment keeps the skin hydrated thanks to hyaluronic acid and new collagen, which is stimulated by the microneedles, helping the skin texture to remain smooth and fresh – two words you would like to use to describe your skin.

Best of all, the procedure gives an instant glow with no recovery time. Aside from temporary redness and sensitivity that lasts from a few minutes to a few hours, you leave with fresh, glowing, and healthier skin, depending on your skin type.

Recommended Age



30-60 mins



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