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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is the latest innovation against hair loss.

This method uses a special substance, taken from the patient’s blood, called platelet-rich plasma. This extract accelerates the body’s natural healing process and stimulates the rejuvenation and the regeneration of cells.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment is an innovative, natural, and absolutely safe method suitable for the prevention and treatment of hair loss in men and women. This is an autologous regenerative and regenerative hair follicle therapy that uses body ingredients and is just as effective against hair loss as it is as an additional therapy for hair transplantation.

PRP therapy helps with the activation of hair follicles.

The use of specific plasma cells “stimulates” the body to react in an intense but totally natural way against their hypofunction. In particular, the hair loss zone is nourished with activated cells that release proteins that act and facilitate the hair restoration process.

Multi-level action of PRP therapy


The application of PRP, in the early stages of hair thinning, prevents the loss of more hair and strengthens existing hair growth, renewing the “weak” hair follicles. Hair Loss Treatment: Even at more advanced thinning stages, PRP strengthens the metabolism of hair follicles and stops hair thinning, obstructing their hypofunction and activating the regeneration process.

Post-operative support:

The PRP method is applied before hair transplantation to reinforce the new hair follicles that will be placed in the host area, increasing the effectiveness of the result. It is also applied after transplantation on the donor side and in the area of implantation to improve the healing, to stabilize the application and to increase the aesthetic effect.

Recommended Age



30-60 mins

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