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Whitening of the intimate area

A problem for many women is the unesthetic skin with a darker colour, which surrounds the intimate area. This staining can be caused by many factors such as aging, bacterial infection, hormonal changes (including postpartum) or genetic. In some cases, changes are also seen in the area after treatment with a masking machine or laser.

Dark discoloration of the intimate area is not a dangerous condition, but if it worries you or affects your self-esteem and your sex life, you can take action to eliminate it.

Bellissimo Clinic has highly qualified specialists who can help you deal with this problem with the help of Deka Mona Lisa Touch CO2. After the initial examination, you will be placed under local anaesthesia to reduce the sensation during the procedure. Light and at the same time heat radiation affect the pigment, as a result of which it decomposes and releases naturally. The upper, dark layer of the epidermis is also removed. Immediately after the manipulation, a soothing cream is applied. The skin peels off some time after the procedure. A few days later, the surface of the laser-treated area acquires a natural color.

The procedure is completely safe. Bleaching performed with the help of heat radiation does not harm or disrupt the structure of the intimate area. Immediately after the manipulation, a slight discomfort may be felt, which passes quickly. The main phase of the intervention lasts no more than 20-40 minutes, with only slight heat and tingling. The recommended course is equal to 1-3 sessions, with an interval of 1 month between them. The speed and degree of whitening of the epidermis depends on the characteristics of the organism, the age of the pigment spots, the intensity of the colour.

Recommended Age



20-40 mins



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